A review of Heaven Is For Real

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Book Reviews

Other than the writing being childlike and annoying (how many times did I read “my head was spinning”?), my biggest complaint about the book is the lack of the gospel. There was no mention of sin, man’s need for a savior, Jesus’ death as the penalty for sin, a person’s need to receive salvation by faith in Christ, or God’s forgiveness of our sins.

For example, according to chapter 13 (52% in Kindle) it appears as  if the author does not believe in the depravity of man. He says that childlike humility is “the time before we have accumulated enough pride or position to care what other people might think.” According to the Bible we are sinful from the time we are conceived (Psalm 51:5). Proverbs 22:15 teaches that that the heart of a child does not contain humility, but folly… which is also a good summary of this book. Therefore salvation, according to the author, would not come through the work of Jesus but in a return to child-likeness. He states, “The same un-self-conscience honesty…is what is required to enter heaven.” According to the Bible, entrance to heaven is through faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23, John 17:3). From the book, it’s unclear where the author or his family stands with relation to salvation. Are they saved by works, by Colton’s experiences, or by Jesus’ death and resurrection? In the timeline at the end of book they say that in 1982 Todd heard and accepted God’s call into ministry. They do not mention when Todd became a Christian. In my opinion this book is a work of fiction. However, the truthfulness of the story is irrelevant because it is unbiblical. The Bible is the only thing necessary for faith and salvation (Luke 16:31).


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