High School Ice Camp

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I took the High school youth group to our annual winter getaway at Miracle Camp known as Ice Camp. There were 6 adults and 19 students (12 girls, 7 guys).

Weekends like this are always a roller coaster ride. Everyone is excited and so emotions run high. First night excitement results in a lack of sleep which leaves tired, cranky teenagers by early Saturday evening. Added to the usual hormonal influences on adolescents and the end result was a train wreck. After feeling like I was putting out one fire after another, I finally gave up sometime Saturday afternoon. Some kids were full of anger and jealousy at other kids, some kids wanted to go home, and others didn’t want to do anything but complain. I had no more persuasive words and so I decided that I didn’t care what happened. If they wanted to go home early I would let them. If they had a horrible weekend then I decided it wasn’t my fault. And if God was going to do anything in the lives of the students then He would have to do it without me. (I know what you are thinking…good joke, right?) 

Saturday night’s worship and chapel was nothing spectacular. There was no emotional plea to follow Christ. The speaker just asked if anyone wanted to receive Jesus as Lord. A few people stood up, but no one from our group. Even though nothing seemed to be happening, God was at work. 

During worship, two of our guys left with a leader to pray about recommitting their life to Jesus. In the following break out session they shared with the youth group the decisions they made. A few other people shared as well about how God had spoke to them during chapel. We ended in prayer and the some people went back to the chapel for midnight worship. In the chapel, I found a kid from our group who was dealing with some stuff. We talked and prayed together, and then a handful of kids joined in worship with about 50 other students who came back for worship. It was a powerful time of worship that was heartfelt and spirit-filled. It was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. 

The next morning, when the speaker challenged students to stand up if they wanted to be a leader in their churches, schools, and youth groups more than half of our students immediately jumped to their feet. The weekend ended on a great note and I am humbled to see God work in their lives. 

The lesson I learned from this whole experience: Sometimes the best thing is to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit work.


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