The Soul-Winner or How to Lead Sinners to the Savior, by Charles Spurgeon

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Book Reviews

I thought that a book written by a famous English preacher who lived over 100 years ago would be drudgery. Other books that I have tried to read by old, dead, smart people seem to be illogical or unnecessary repetitive. This book was not like that at all. It was surprisingly easy-to-read, refreshing, and practical. I was also surprised that some of the issues that Spurgeon addressed were appropriate for our day as well. This could have been written last year rather than last century. This book was challenging not because it was hard to read, but because it was convicting. I pray that God would make me a soul-winner.

Here are a few of my highlights from the book:

To introduce unconverted persons to the church, is to weaken and degrade it; and therefore an apparent gain may be a real loss. (1)

“Our main business, brethren, is to win souls.”

-Believe what you are preaching and emphatically believe that God will save souls!

There is a something that must be said if you are to be the means of saving that man in the corner; woe unto you if you are not ready to say it, woe unto you if you are afraid to say it, woe unto you if you are ashamed to say it, woe unto you if you do not dare to say it lest somebody up in the gallery should say that you were too earnest, too enthusiastic, too zealous! (p. 26)

“How earnest we ought to be when we remember that in our work we have to deal with souls that are immortal, with sin that is eternal in its effects, with pardon that is infinite, and with terrors and joys that are to last for ever and ever!” (p. 29)

“You must feel it yourself, and speak as a man who feels it; not as if you feel it, but because you feel it, otherwise you will not make it felt by others.” (p. 39)

-I advise you to fight unbelief with belief, falsehood with the truth, and never to cut and pare down the gospel to try to make it fit in with the follies and fancies of men.

*The Bible says you will have tares and wheat together. Instead of trying to figure out who is who, water the wheat. It will make the wheat stronger.

*If we do not pray to God for a blessing, if the foundation of the pulpit be not laid in private prayer, our open ministry will not be a success.

-Brethren, we must tell men that there is pressing need of a Saviour, and show them that we ourselves perceive their need and feel for them, or else we are not likely to turn them to the Saviour.

“Cry and sigh until you have snatched some brand from the burning, and have brought at least one sinner to Jesus Christ, that so you also may have saved a soul from death, and covered a multitude of sins.”

Spurgeon, Charles H. (2010-03-19). The Soul-Winner : or How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour. Kindle Edition.


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