Sex and the Christian

Posted: June 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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As a person who works with teenagers I am always on the lookout for helpful resources in dealing with issues that they face. Today, I came across this article via Tim Challies entitled “Christians Are Not Called to Have Amazing Sex.”

I encourage all single people to not engage in sexual activity until they are married. Last year, I taught a series on sex and dating that focused on the Biblical definitions of relationships. Recently  I have made it my goal  to teach abstinence from a gospel-perspective rather than a “Try Harder” approach. This article reminded me that we also should not teach abstinence with the approach that saving sex for marriage will fill you with unspeakable joy for the rest of your life. Because it won’t happen. Nothing will satisfy your deepest desires except God alone. That is how He created us.

Loving God for the gifts that he gives more than God himself is idolatry. As this article states: We don’t obey because obedience is currency that brings us our desire tenfold down the road. We obey because Jesus told us to.


Single or married, in all ways let us be careful to not elevate sex to an idol.


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