Strength to Work?

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Its seems like it’s hard to drive by a church this summer without seeing a banner in the front yard advertising the “Kingdom Rock” Vacation Bible School. Group Publishing must have done some amazing marketing because those banners are everywhere.

I thought the visuals looked great, but  I was surprised to see the sub-title on the main graphic. It says, “Where Kids Stand Strong For God.” Some might say that I’m nit-picking, but I couldn’t help that my first thought was “Why does God need anyone to stand strong for Him?” “Isn’t God strong enough to stand for Himself?”

It also bothers me because the sub-title and the main idea each day teaches that we need to work hard. As I look through the topics each day it seems like the kids would be exhausted by the end of the week…. work, work, work! Each day is about getting help with the work, but it’s still all about work. And what if someone does mess up, what do these lessons teach? Get back up and work twice as hard?

The gospel isn’t how hard we can work for God. It’s the good news that Jesus worked hard on our behalf. We don’t need to teach people, especially kids, that they need to stand strong for God because in Christ, God stood strong for us.


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