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Welcome to Relevant Church

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Church Planting

I’m not very hipster, cool, or relevant (at least not in the hipster-cool way). I’m ok with that. I enjoy being an uncool father of two boys who loves his wife. I’m happy being a techie geek and a book nerd. In fact, I would say that I’m generally an optimistic and positive person. However, all of those personality traits don’t translate well into being an effective church planting pastor in an urban neighborhood of working class people.

If I could only do a better job at making our church relevant, then we could really grow (I mean, succeed.) But that’s not really me. And the longer I’m in ministry the more annoyed I get at every church that isn’t like all the “other churches” because they have “contemporary music with a casual atmosphere.”

This week I came across this article about how boring “church relevance” has become. I couldn’t agree more with everything the author said. I hope this sentence becomes true for River City Church: “Our church will take their throw-offs readily, provided they are intent on following Christ.”