Date Your Wife

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Book Reviews
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I just finished Date Your Wife by Justin Buzzard. It wasn’t a book on my “To Read” list, but it was on sale on Kindle so I bought it. It’s hard to go wrong with a book that is published by Crossway and endorsed by Tullian Tchivijian. 

Overall, it was a good book, nothing profound. In addition to the following quotes, the most helpful thing that I took away from it was to make a plan to show your love to your wife. Good marriages are work…good work, but still work. They don’t just happen. It takes planning, preparation, and follow through. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • If you want to change a marriage, change the man. (433)
  • Boys are born with a mission: to work and keep, to cultivate and guard. (676)
  • God gives men enormous responsibility. And the weightiest responsibility he gives to a man is a woman—a wife. In this union, a man’s ability to cultivate and guard is put to the greatest test. Will the man lay down his life in order that his wife may flourish? That is the question that measures a marriage. In order for the garden of marriage to be properly cultivated and guarded, a man must give more than he’s ever given. (684-387)
  • Jesus makes men new—Jesus turns husbands like you and me into the best thing that ever happened to our marriages. (720)
  • God doesn’t demand men live life on the basis of their own resources; he summons us to live in confident dependence on his resources. He has the power. Our responsibility is to respond to his ability. (741-743)
  • The heart of sin is building your identity on yourself instead of on God and his grace. (840)
  • The most rebellious, countercultural thing you can do in our culture is to be happily married until death do you part. (1114-1115)
  • The point of your marriage is to date your wife in such a way that showcases Jesus and his power to a world of husbands and wives, men and women, boys and girls, in desperate need of a God who can rescue, reconcile, restore, and redeem their broken lives. Marriage isn’t ultimate. God is ultimate. (1516-1518)

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